CKB Kit Additional Options
Winch mounting plate: +$175
Front receiver hitch: +$200

Extreme duty Cut out: +$200

Light bar mount for 20'" or 30": $100
(built into bumper base)

Tubing Options:

2.5 " Tubing Upgrade: $150

Bent Centers: $100

Lighting Mounts Options;

Light Mounts for pods: $50/pair

Light bar Tabs: $10

(Mount to Center tubing) 

Light Options: 
1 pair of Diode Dynamic lights : $ 320
1 pair of Rigid D2XL lights : $ 585

20" Light bar: $725-$850

30 " Light bar : $1400 

Single Tube PreRunner: $650


CKB Bumpers are offered by CK Fab LLC as a kit bumper. All Pieces are there for your bumper, ready for your own welder. CKB Kits will ready shipped in one to two weeks from order date. Will decrease wait time and will allow for you, to make any personal customizations you would like. Please Let us know if you have any questions and would like to order your kit bumper today. 

*The above pictured bumpers are examples of completed products that are already welded and have a finish applied. Light mounts/Rigid fog lights are additional to the cost of the bumper, all options that CK Fab Bumpers have are still applicable to you CKB Kits. Customizable options are listed by price below. Please call to order or with any questions you may have. 406-697-0661

Full Front: $950

Shipping and Handling:

 Anywhere in MT Parts of WY: $200

*We also do out of state shipping, feel free to call and we are happy to get you a shipping quote.

CKB KIT Pricings

Tri Tube PreRunner: $750

5050 Old HWY 10W

Laurel, MT 59044

CK FAB: CKB Kit Bumpers

Standard Base: $550