What Is CK Fab?

 CK Fab LLC. is a Custom Bumper business based out of Laurel, MT. The owner and founder knows all to well  the many challenges faced on the roadways to include: deer, elk, cattle and even other drivers. Here at CK Fab we take great pride in our work and customer satisfaction. CK Fab ensures not only a custom look, to add to your vehicle but a QUALITY bumper to maximize your safety on the road ways. Each Custom CK Fab bumper is constructed and fabricated from P&O Steel to warrant the best product available. 

The Man Behind The Bumpers

CK Fab LLC. started out as a one man business by owner and founder Chad Kegel. It started with welding bumpers for himself, family and a few close friends. When the demand for CK Fab Bumpers grew, Chad chose to expand the business by hiring a few extra hands to help with fabrication production. CK Fab is an owner on-site company, where chad works closely with the other certified welders and all ensure the best production and utmost quality of craftsmanship. Customer Service is of utmost importance and will always be our priority. Chad takes the time to speak to each of his customers and is willing to work with customizations to order.  At CK fab each employee shares the likeness to deliver a quality product and ensure each customer's concerns and questions have been addressed. It's not unusual for a walk in customer. We understand websites, Facebook and Instagram are not for everyone. We get it, so feel free to swing by and a member of our team will helpbuild you a custom quote and browse through your options.

What Makes CK Fab different?

CK Fab LLC., stands behind and takes pride in each custom fabricated bumper. We take pride in the ability to deliver a genuine hand fabricated  product that will ensure each customers needs are satisfactorily met. Whether your looking for a bumper to protect your company vehicle to ensure employee safety, personal commute vehicle, protecting your hauling rig with livestock (CHECK out the EXTREME DUTY CUT OUT), or your tired the unexpected auto body trips. Don't just take our word for it though, check out our CK Fab Reviews page! We have first hand accounts of our customer's experiences and testimonials of our product!

About The Bumpers...


Each CK FAB Bumper base is CNC formed from a 3/16" Steel Plate for ultimate strength and durability.


CK FAB Default option come as the front Center Base

having the "CK FAB LOGO" centered between two claw marks.



Has the "CK FAB LOGO" Plus

the EXTREME DUTY cutout which is offset 3" into the bumper base, then 

back plated and boxed in, with added slots for excess ventilation to all your cooling systems.

Standard Default Tubing:

Each tube has a 0.12 wall and is 2" in diameter

We also offer an upgraded option of the 0.12 wall in 2.5" diameter tube for ultimate protection of your vehicle.

Additional Options:

All CK FAB bumpers are fully built to order with our own customized options.



​Diode Dynamics LIGHTS (PER PAIR): $320

5050 Old HWY 10W

Laurel, MT 59044